Innovation is the path for a great success!


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In may last blog, I mentioned important details about creativity and how this skill can provide us with tools to create new things.  Innovation is the art of new creations, new alternatives to solve problems or address opportunities that matter to people.

A good strategy for innovation is to know very well the market and the customer’s needs, therefore we need to be connected with the customers to know them better, we should not only ask them about the needs, but also, we should observe them, we should listen to the feedback in any way, for example complaints or issues give us a great opportunity to know the customer’s needs. Usually customers complain more when the items or activities they matter are not complete, and not available or the quality is poor.  All the details we can compile from customers is a valuable data that we can analyze to come with ha great idea to fulfill and exceed the customers’ needs.

We can also learn from best practices in other fields, sometimes we do not see the obvious solution, because the specific methods are not usually applied in an industry, but after analysis the impact in other areas, we can think about ways to apply the same principles in our industry, maybe we will not be able to apply the final product itself, but the essence of the product or idea might work for our industry as well.

To integrate all members of your organization provides tremendous opportunity for innovation, if all members have commons goals, they can work in teams to come with a brilliant idea to solve an issue or create a new product or service. Something to remark is that innovation is not only about complicated technological artefacts that will solve problems, innovation is implied in any idea we can bring into the table that will provide a unique value to solve people’s problems that matter to them.  We do not need to reinvent the wheel, but we can come with different ideas and great solutions even for easy activities.


For example, I was analyzing the other day that if the wheel was invented very long time ago, why just recently we invented the suitcases with 2 and now with 4 wheels. There are more complicated or sophisticated invented items that are using wheels such as cars, airplanes, engines and more, so why the suitcases with wheels are in mass-production only in the last 2 decades? Maybe, we did not have a huge need for that, but now it is a basic need that we need to fulfill, or maybe innovation of something very easy is not too obvious? Maybe it was invented a long time ago, but only recently it was globalized because more customers share the same need?

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We can come with obvious ideas, that maybe no one else see it because the “obvious” factor.

Innovation can take you to successful levels.










Creativity can take us very far!


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 Creativity is one of the most important capabilities we should cultivate in our life, because by using the creativity skills we can reach elevated goals that seem impossible, but only because we can demonstrate a differentiation strategy towards other options in the market, we can be able to make a difference. The difference is the number one element for innovation, if we can show a different solution we should be able to innovate. The innovation comes for our creativity when we are able to produce a different product or services to solve problems or address situations that matter to people; this is when we create a value or we offer our value in a more efficient and effective way.


Creativity help us to live our present, because we are engaged in our activities. When we have passion for some activity, we enjoy any moment that we are able to perform this activity in particular causing a particular level of engagement that usually we do not have while performing an activity that we do not like that much. For me engagement is synonymous of creativity or at least is one of the most important elements of creativity.  While performing our passion, we are not able to sleep if we cannot finish the activity, for example when I am creating photo books, I can be working on those until 3 am or 4 am, and the time just passes smooth. Photo Credit

Where we can go? we can go as far as we want……

The creativity has been part of the humans’ life since the primitive era, when humans created the first innovations, they created the tools to hunt, the first art manifestations and the first language intents. and see where we are now!!!

Innovation is key for our self-development.



Our Life To The Rhythm Of Flamenco!

I attended the Cultural Connections presentation of “Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe”, and I really liked the dance and the expressions of this nice music from Spain. The face and body expressions of the dancers illustrate the song’s story, usually the songs are about love, including the good and bad times, therefore, the dancers, use the famous flamenco “tap-dance” (zapateado). The clothing moves, and the hands and face expression to manifest happiness, sadness, and more emotions.

Flamenco 2

Sometimes, our life is missing emotional expressions, we live and experience moments, but due to the society “rules” that I call “restrictions”, we are forced to only express certain behaviors. For example, we are restricted to cry, to say what we really think, and even to show emotions.

Flemenco 1

I want to picture a world where we can strongly express all our feelings like the flamenco’s dancers do, we would be able to show our happiness at the rhythm of tap-dance, people could admire our philosophical thoughts, because they are strong like the tap-dancing, our movements in life could be very elegant, smooth but strong at the same time. Our life could be full of colors such as the flamenco’s dancers outfit. We can show our work with elegant movements such as the hands and arms movements you can appreciate in the flamenco’s dance. We could show our smile and attractive face appearance by showing the best of our experiences.

We need to live our experiences by living flamenco’s dance episodes. We must live to the compass of joy!!!!

Best Regards,


How Cultural Events Impact Our Life?


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In the diversity of cultures, it is important to realize that the differences make a person or a community a unique entity.  The unique aspects of every culture create an interesting blend of characteristics, which determine the behavior of the individuals. There are many type of cultures (corporative, educational, professional, national), which create particular contexts that the participants of each culture are accustom to.  However, problems or issues can be faced, if we are not well aware of the cultural differences among groups, for this reason it is very important to incorporate our community participants and specially the kids in different cultural events, because we will be able to learn from other towns or other countries cultural exhibitions and presentations, at the same time we will be able to appreciate the differences and similarities, the recognition and learning  of cultural differences permit to have smooth relationships, which is very important to have  in business, our businesses can be very successful if we can react normal to certain stimulus. The reaction will depend on how prepared we are in terms of knowledge management of the cultural aspects.  By knowing and managing our business relationships, we can have more effective and efficient work methods that will result in conducting behaviors that are normal to the group we are working on; we can have more empathy with other individuals, and therefore we can fulfil their needs easily, this creates a great opportunity for success in any area even if we are not managing a sale business.


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The cultural events can enrich our life and when we experience certain situations we can know how to react and behave, this sensation creates a comfortable level in the knowledge management, which is important to conduct sustainable businesses.  Another relevant factor that cultural events can bring to our life is the opportunity to think, design and create new ideas. In many occasions, new ideas are not easy to develop because we are unaware of that certain activity, item or even a possibility exist.  If we do not know something, means that we ignore that an aspect or possibility exist. When we are aware that something is possible we can connect all the ideas to conduct great development.  Innovation is the key for success; in order to have innovated ideas we should have extensive knowledge and in some occasion relevant experience is also required. By experiencing different philosophies, we can have better chances to analyze and determine the possible impacts, risks and issues, therefore we would be able to have an efficient change management process that any new idea can imply. 

If our kids attend cultural events often they will be able to feel part of the movements and the expressions those events can bring, therefore when they are bigger they will feel familiar with diversity and innovation, which will be key in their career progression.  A person that have experienced different cultures would be able to have better relationships and especially better business relationships, because they will be able to understand the cultural fluctuations between one participant and to another participant. The person experiencing cultural diversity would be able to have a more balance life by recognizing and appreciating the differences worldwide. This recognition will facilitate how we can be involved in society as culture influence how we conduct work, how we behave in certain circumstances, how we use our languages, how we solve challenges, how we negotiate and in general how we manage relationships in our community. Art and cultural expressions engagements impact positively our self-acceptance, our community feeling, our creativity and potential for innovation and many more values that are relevant for the balanced life.

Encourage your kids to love art and cultural activities as well as share cultural expressions!




Artown Continues – New updates!

My last update was about the Cultural Connections presentations, and we still have one more Cultural Connection presentation this year – do not miss it!

This blog is the reminder: Wednesday 27th – Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe



“Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe exemplifies global flamenco talent originating in the company’s hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fourteen dancers and musicians flourish under lead dancer and artistic director Juan Siddi’s rigorous yet sensitive choreography that bears the flavor of his artistic roots in Barcelona and Granada. Juan Siddi Flamenco infuses authentic cultural traditions with contemporary flair leaving fans speechless.”

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We still have one more week of the 21st anniversary of Artown – there are many activities, concerns, gallery exhibitions, plays, ballet presentations, movies at the river and more.

One particular event I do not want to miss is the theatrical presentation of “Alice In Wonderland”


“After Alice tumbles down a mysterious rabbit hole, she finds herself in a strange land where everyone is raving mad. With the help of a Cheshire Cat, an astute Caterpillar, and a righteous Humpty Dumpty, Alice must find her way home and discover who she really is. A darker, more faithful version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale that reimagines the experience of Wonderland, and ends with an unexpected new twist. Suitable for all ages”

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July 29th at 7 PM  –  July 30th at 11 AM – 2 PM – 7 PM   –   July 31st at 11 AM

Theatrical art is a unique field that offers a lot of culture to the people that accustom to contemplate plays and other theatrical presentations. This year in Artown we have many more theatrical presentations than in previous years. The volume of Reno’s lovers for theatrical events is growing every year and this is a good indication that our town is more interesting on cultural participation.  If we share culture in our community, we have more chances to live in a community with fewer problems than other towns that are not interesting in cultural events. At the same time, our community can share similar values and our networking can be bigger. By having a bigger and more effective networking, the community can be connected, and therefore there will be more care for our town, our people, our values, our cultural places such as museums, galleries, parks, sport places, movie theaters and more.  People would respect more the cultural diversity, because the people can have more contact with the external world influence that art, and in particular cultural events could bring.

The following are the links per days of the last week Artown’s events – I hope you can attend some of the events:

Artwon cover picture

July 25th renoisartown 07/25/2016               July 26th renoisartown 07/26/2016 

July 27th renoisartown 07/27/2016              July 28th renoisartown 07/28/2016

July 29th renoisartown 07/29/2016             July 30th renoisartown 07/30/2016

July 31st renoisartown 07/31/2016

Enjoy great cultural moments in your community!





Beautiful Structures


I like to admired modern structures, because they inspire me a sensation of “future”; when I said “future” I am referring to a future full of prosperity. If we always think about the future, we can have better chances to reach our goals, and we can make plans thinking about the prosperity these plans will provide us with. At the same time, it is important to have a structure in life to have good organizational skills and good methods to approach certain circumstances.  For this reason, I like to examine in my pictures about modern structures, the engineering applications used to build them, because we can see how they project their power in the sky, in the water, in a wall and in different places. This power is what I contemplate and what inspire me to project my life towards a future with great prosperity.  I know that all these words can sound confusing, and that probably this is only imagination, but this is how a feel when I am in front of a great architectonical moderns’ structure.

a2 In this picture, my dad is my model.  The idea is to have a person or figure in the front as the main composition object, in order to show the deep perspective that those stairs can give us, they were not very long, but per the perspective, they appear longer than they are. Also the icons at the end of the picture are common figures that inspire trust or conformity, because they look and they are geometrical forms that we can recognize from our classes, but based on how good or bad were in geometry, they can inspire an easy or a difficult challenge.


Cultural and entertainment complex at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, The Hemisferic Dome, the Science Museum, the Umbracle, the Agora and the Oceanographic Aquarium.


The first time I saw it, it was dark and I could not figure out all the amazing details, therefore I waited for some time for the sunrise and I found marvelous figures and structures, which some of them were difficult to photograph


And the sunrise is here:



If you visit Valencia Spain, please visit this complex as there are many more perspectives to explore.





Artisan or craftsman is an old profession that we continue enforcing in many places worldwide, in some countries the artisanal field provides the majority of the gross domestic product of the economy, because probably the economy depends on the tourisms or there is not a lot of land for agriculture or due to other factors. In the United States the artisanal field is considered a small portion of the economy and since the competency with the products from China is very high, this area is affected considerably.


“The definition of artisan is a skilled craft worker who makes or creates things by hand that may be functional or strictly decorative, for example furniture, decorative arts, sculptures, clothing, jewelry, household items and tools or even mechanical mechanisms such as the handmade clockwork movement of a watchmaker. Artisans practice a craft and may through experience and aptitude reach the expressive levels of an artist.”

Artisan Definition

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Some of the major artisan countries in the world are:

Afghanistan, Ghana, India, Kenya, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Sri Lanka, Swaziland, Mexico, Tanzania, Colombia, Morocco, South Africa, and Peru.

I know more details from my country of origin, Colombia that from the other countries in the list. I can tell you that Colombia has very strong protectionism laws against imitation of the artisanal items, it is common to found Chinese imitations that are seized by the police in order to protect the national artisans.


Photos from google general collection of “Artesania de Colombia”

Dorado legend.jpg

Colombia has been famous for the goldsmithing work; the El Dorado legend is a symbol of the art of gold that have been characterized the Colombia’s land.  Colombia is a country that cultivate the traditions and the artisanal production is an important symbol of the traditions.

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There are many campaigns and international expositions to promote the Colombia’s artisanal products.  The main goal is to have a sustainable economy around the artisanal industry.

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Peru is another country with a very strong traditional culture where the artisanal products are not only a symbol, but it is also an important ruble of the economy.


“The Awamaki Women’s Cooperative Program provides business incubation and training to six rural women’s cooperatives of weavers, knitters, spinners and seamstresses. We train artisans in product development, design, quality control, business administration and leadership. We aim to graduate the cooperatives as independent small businesses capable of export-quality production. This ensures sustainable, long-term impact for the women as they connect to global markets and earn a higher income.” Photo Credit


“Awamaki works with over 100 rural women artisans, partnering them with international volunteer designers and our in-house team to produce unique, fashionable products. This collaboration helps the artisans to expand on their craft, teaching them advanced design principles and technical craft skills. With their improved products, artisans gain increased access to global markets, and a secure income to support their families and communities.” Photo Credit

Still made in USA’s projects can bring in great opportunities for the artisans in the US, in this country, this filed is getting a lot of international competition specially due to the imitation from China. It is important to give this field economical support where the community can implement more  networking methods to export USA artisanal products.  Tourism is a big economy activity in the US, and we should promote more the development of artisanal offerings instead of the made in China products offerings.


Photos from Bing general collection for “Artisanal products from the US”

This nation has great opportunities to continue incentive the wood products business and the artisanal products made in American’s wood are highly appreciate worldwide. The jewelry industry is another field that is very important in the US, American origins cultivate the love for the jewelry art, and the industry still has good support in the domestic economy, however this industry that needs more global promotion, therefore the world can also recognize the US for its great artistic products associated with the artisanal jewelry.

Next time you see an artisan thing about this blog, admire the products and if you can purchase this person’s art!



Art in the food!


Eating is one of the most important pleasures in life, we enjoy eating our favorite food for different reasons: the flavor, the smell, the texture, the temperature, the visual look, and even the memories this food can bring in to our minds. However, it takes some time to get familiar with different type of foods in order to conclude what is our favorite flavors, this process can take the whole life for many of us who like to try different food from different countries, but it can take a few years for other people who will stay with the same type of food for ever, probably because they do not like to try other options. While children are growing in some occasions they do not want to try anything strange and even they do not want to eat at all. Parents have a big challenge to ensure that their children are eating enough nutrients to keep the kids healthy and usually kids are against of vegetables, my mom says that it is a “blessing” when a kid likes vegetables.  Parents need to tell histories to their kids so they eat all that they supposed to eat, here is when decorative food could help parents making sure their kids eat vegetables or other aliments.


Usually, kids do not like broccoli or cauliflower, but an easy trick it to present these vegetables in forms of animals; a broccoli in form of dog could be a fun way to present this food.  Soup with some type of figures inside is also a good tactic parents have used to ensure their kids eat it.

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In terms of business, the catering business is a good field where people can get a good cost-benefit return for their creativity.  Creativity paid good in different areas, especially if the innovation is always part of the proposals. It is more common now to have associations between chefs and art designers to work on the creation of new alternatives to serve the food dishes. The statistics show that good decoration business has a lot of competition, but it is also one of them most lucrative business in the US. The revenue of catering services in the U.S. ranged at about 8.1 billion U.S. dollars, and it has been very stable since 2008.  However, the differentiation strategy is what is making the difference for some companies or chefs in this industry, people that have use a lot creativity in their products presentation are enjoying of the big profits and recognition. Social media is making a big part of the recognition of these artist in the kitchen.


Photo Credit

We can find the online the Top 10 chefs in different areas (Pastry is my favorite one), and many of them have reached those levels not only because the flavor of its dishes, but a big part because of the innovated decorations applied to the product.


Many chefs became famous due to their different and extravagant ideas to present their products.  A great example is Buddy Valastro:

Photo Credit



“In his 55,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, Buddy and his staff whip up thousands of wedding cakes, specialty cakes and delicious Italian pastries. His award winning designs have been featured in countless bridal and baking magazines.”


Photo Credit

Eat well and enjoy eating!


The doors we can open in life!


I have passion for photographing doors because they inspire some type of mystery; we do not know what we can find in the other side of the door and therefore we need to find our internal strength to open the door and explore the unexpected mystery behind the door. The doors can be big obstacles in life that we need to learn how to open and if necessary how to turn them down. We can find open doors to spiritual places where we can be part of the mystery without a problem. These spiritual doors connect with our happy life specially when we were little, when all the doors appeared open for us, there was not mystery without resolution, because we liked to explore and therefore we did not experience fear for anything. We were able to cross to the other side of the doors, and therefore we found great and important opportunities in life.



Later in life we become controlled by many society norms that impede us to be as curious as were when we were kids, this is when we started seen more closed doors than open ones. We find problems at work, at home, at school but the most important thing is to try to break those strong locks of those problems and open the most possible doors, if we are strong enough we can try to open more doors and windows to find good networks that can conduct us to an open path to reach our goals. It is important to do not lose the curiosity about new challenges and new opportunities towards great achievements. We can open many doors in life to cultivate good friendships, to find the perfect job, to travel across the world, to open a business and to follow our passion to reach the perfect dream. Many doors can be partially closed, because we do not have the sufficient details or we do not manage the required skills to open them in full. However, we have great opportunities to open the correct doors if we follow steps that will give us the right tools. The education is the key to acquire the appropriate tools to open doors in life!



We can find the light of hope by working in new challenges that make us feel important at work, even if we believe that there are many problems that impede us to control our path, we can find windows or lights of hope to continue fighting for our beliefs and dreams.



The important thing is to be curious in life, accept challenges, cultivate your family and friends’ relationships, follow your passion and your dreams, in this process you will notice that the doors will become more like decorative doors with lights that will show you prospects to reach your goals!!!!



Always keep doors open to your friends, your coworkers, and in general all the people in your networking.



Follow you passion!




Artown Continues!

This month Reno is experiencing the best time during the year, if you have not had the opportunity to attend an event, you can still do it, the increase of activities volume is showing great opportunities to have events in different areas of Reno and Sparks; also Artown is are getting extended to other places in north of Nevada. In particular, I like to attend the Cultural Connections presentations that are scheduled every Wednesday of July, because we can appreciate the great worldwide artistic influences. Last week I was able to admired the big energy the kids from African Children’s Choir have.

“Representing all children in Africa, African Children’s Choir demonstrates the potential for children to become strong leaders for a better future in their land. The choir is composed of children ages 7 – 10 years old. Many have lost one or both parents through the devastation of war, famine and disease. In spite of the tragedy that has tainted their young lives, the children are radiant with happiness, musically gifted and wonderfully entertaining.” It was a marvelous presentation; the music, the rhythms, the expressions, the words these kids reflected created a great time for everyone. The audience were fascinated by the young kids’ personality, commitment to the audience and happiness that are reflected in each of those faces. They are little-“big” artists.



This week Cultural Connections presentation (Wednesday July 13th): an excellent Mariachi group. The Mariachi Flor de Toloache: “New York’s all-female mariachi band, Mariachi Flor de Toloache includes a rotating cast of 13 members featuring all of the traditional mariachi instruments – violin, trumpet, bass and five-string guitar. This group represents a new, more diverse face of mariachi. Several members share the music’s Mexican origins; others have wide-ranging roots, including Puerto Rico, Germany, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and the U.S.”



The next week Cultural Connections presentation (Wednesday July 20th): GINKGOA

“She comes from New York, he lives in Paris and fighting against all odds of their geographic destiny, they have found each other and GINKGOA was born. French songs with an American vibe, GINKGOA combines time periods from pop music to the swing of old New York with a mix of electro beats and poetics. GINKGOA only has one idea in mind: to make generations of people dance, sway and sing along to melodies that survive long after GINKGOA has left the building.”



And the last Cultural Connections presentation of this year Artown (Wednesday 27th): Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe.

“Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe exemplifies global flamenco talent originating in the company’s hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fourteen dancers and musicians flourish under lead dancer and artistic director Juan Siddi’s rigorous yet sensitive choreography that bears the flavor of his artistic roots in Barcelona and Granada. Juan Siddi Flamenco infuses authentic cultural traditions with contemporary flair leaving fans speechless.”



I am planning to attend all the next cultural connections presentations and if I have some extra time I will visit some of the exhibits in the galleries. It is very important to be close to the artistic activities that are happening in town, this innovation and diversity of new activities can help us reducing the stress levels and it is a great opportunity to start introducing our kids into cultural events.

Best Regards,