The doors we can open in life!


I have passion for photographing doors because they inspire some type of mystery; we do not know what we can find in the other side of the door and therefore we need to find our internal strength to open the door and explore the unexpected mystery behind the door. The doors can be big obstacles in life that we need to learn how to open and if necessary how to turn them down. We can find open doors to spiritual places where we can be part of the mystery without a problem. These spiritual doors connect with our happy life specially when we were little, when all the doors appeared open for us, there was not mystery without resolution, because we liked to explore and therefore we did not experience fear for anything. We were able to cross to the other side of the doors, and therefore we found great and important opportunities in life.



Later in life we become controlled by many society norms that impede us to be as curious as were when we were kids, this is when we started seen more closed doors than open ones. We find problems at work, at home, at school but the most important thing is to try to break those strong locks of those problems and open the most possible doors, if we are strong enough we can try to open more doors and windows to find good networks that can conduct us to an open path to reach our goals. It is important to do not lose the curiosity about new challenges and new opportunities towards great achievements. We can open many doors in life to cultivate good friendships, to find the perfect job, to travel across the world, to open a business and to follow our passion to reach the perfect dream. Many doors can be partially closed, because we do not have the sufficient details or we do not manage the required skills to open them in full. However, we have great opportunities to open the correct doors if we follow steps that will give us the right tools. The education is the key to acquire the appropriate tools to open doors in life!



We can find the light of hope by working in new challenges that make us feel important at work, even if we believe that there are many problems that impede us to control our path, we can find windows or lights of hope to continue fighting for our beliefs and dreams.



The important thing is to be curious in life, accept challenges, cultivate your family and friends’ relationships, follow your passion and your dreams, in this process you will notice that the doors will become more like decorative doors with lights that will show you prospects to reach your goals!!!!



Always keep doors open to your friends, your coworkers, and in general all the people in your networking.



Follow you passion!





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