Art in the food!


Eating is one of the most important pleasures in life, we enjoy eating our favorite food for different reasons: the flavor, the smell, the texture, the temperature, the visual look, and even the memories this food can bring in to our minds. However, it takes some time to get familiar with different type of foods in order to conclude what is our favorite flavors, this process can take the whole life for many of us who like to try different food from different countries, but it can take a few years for other people who will stay with the same type of food for ever, probably because they do not like to try other options. While children are growing in some occasions they do not want to try anything strange and even they do not want to eat at all. Parents have a big challenge to ensure that their children are eating enough nutrients to keep the kids healthy and usually kids are against of vegetables, my mom says that it is a “blessing” when a kid likes vegetables.  Parents need to tell histories to their kids so they eat all that they supposed to eat, here is when decorative food could help parents making sure their kids eat vegetables or other aliments.


Usually, kids do not like broccoli or cauliflower, but an easy trick it to present these vegetables in forms of animals; a broccoli in form of dog could be a fun way to present this food.  Soup with some type of figures inside is also a good tactic parents have used to ensure their kids eat it.

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In terms of business, the catering business is a good field where people can get a good cost-benefit return for their creativity.  Creativity paid good in different areas, especially if the innovation is always part of the proposals. It is more common now to have associations between chefs and art designers to work on the creation of new alternatives to serve the food dishes. The statistics show that good decoration business has a lot of competition, but it is also one of them most lucrative business in the US. The revenue of catering services in the U.S. ranged at about 8.1 billion U.S. dollars, and it has been very stable since 2008.  However, the differentiation strategy is what is making the difference for some companies or chefs in this industry, people that have use a lot creativity in their products presentation are enjoying of the big profits and recognition. Social media is making a big part of the recognition of these artist in the kitchen.


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We can find the online the Top 10 chefs in different areas (Pastry is my favorite one), and many of them have reached those levels not only because the flavor of its dishes, but a big part because of the innovated decorations applied to the product.


Many chefs became famous due to their different and extravagant ideas to present their products.  A great example is Buddy Valastro:

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“In his 55,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility, Buddy and his staff whip up thousands of wedding cakes, specialty cakes and delicious Italian pastries. His award winning designs have been featured in countless bridal and baking magazines.”


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Eat well and enjoy eating!



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