Beautiful Structures


I like to admired modern structures, because they inspire me a sensation of “future”; when I said “future” I am referring to a future full of prosperity. If we always think about the future, we can have better chances to reach our goals, and we can make plans thinking about the prosperity these plans will provide us with. At the same time, it is important to have a structure in life to have good organizational skills and good methods to approach certain circumstances.  For this reason, I like to examine in my pictures about modern structures, the engineering applications used to build them, because we can see how they project their power in the sky, in the water, in a wall and in different places. This power is what I contemplate and what inspire me to project my life towards a future with great prosperity.  I know that all these words can sound confusing, and that probably this is only imagination, but this is how a feel when I am in front of a great architectonical moderns’ structure.

a2 In this picture, my dad is my model.  The idea is to have a person or figure in the front as the main composition object, in order to show the deep perspective that those stairs can give us, they were not very long, but per the perspective, they appear longer than they are. Also the icons at the end of the picture are common figures that inspire trust or conformity, because they look and they are geometrical forms that we can recognize from our classes, but based on how good or bad were in geometry, they can inspire an easy or a difficult challenge.


Cultural and entertainment complex at the Palau de les Arts Reina Sofia, The Hemisferic Dome, the Science Museum, the Umbracle, the Agora and the Oceanographic Aquarium.


The first time I saw it, it was dark and I could not figure out all the amazing details, therefore I waited for some time for the sunrise and I found marvelous figures and structures, which some of them were difficult to photograph


And the sunrise is here:



If you visit Valencia Spain, please visit this complex as there are many more perspectives to explore.





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