Artown Continues – New updates!

My last update was about the Cultural Connections presentations, and we still have one more Cultural Connection presentation this year – do not miss it!

This blog is the reminder: Wednesday 27th – Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe



“Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe exemplifies global flamenco talent originating in the company’s hometown of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Fourteen dancers and musicians flourish under lead dancer and artistic director Juan Siddi’s rigorous yet sensitive choreography that bears the flavor of his artistic roots in Barcelona and Granada. Juan Siddi Flamenco infuses authentic cultural traditions with contemporary flair leaving fans speechless.”

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We still have one more week of the 21st anniversary of Artown – there are many activities, concerns, gallery exhibitions, plays, ballet presentations, movies at the river and more.

One particular event I do not want to miss is the theatrical presentation of “Alice In Wonderland”


“After Alice tumbles down a mysterious rabbit hole, she finds herself in a strange land where everyone is raving mad. With the help of a Cheshire Cat, an astute Caterpillar, and a righteous Humpty Dumpty, Alice must find her way home and discover who she really is. A darker, more faithful version of Lewis Carroll’s classic tale that reimagines the experience of Wonderland, and ends with an unexpected new twist. Suitable for all ages”

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July 29th at 7 PM  –  July 30th at 11 AM – 2 PM – 7 PM   –   July 31st at 11 AM

Theatrical art is a unique field that offers a lot of culture to the people that accustom to contemplate plays and other theatrical presentations. This year in Artown we have many more theatrical presentations than in previous years. The volume of Reno’s lovers for theatrical events is growing every year and this is a good indication that our town is more interesting on cultural participation.  If we share culture in our community, we have more chances to live in a community with fewer problems than other towns that are not interesting in cultural events. At the same time, our community can share similar values and our networking can be bigger. By having a bigger and more effective networking, the community can be connected, and therefore there will be more care for our town, our people, our values, our cultural places such as museums, galleries, parks, sport places, movie theaters and more.  People would respect more the cultural diversity, because the people can have more contact with the external world influence that art, and in particular cultural events could bring.

The following are the links per days of the last week Artown’s events – I hope you can attend some of the events:

Artwon cover picture

July 25th renoisartown 07/25/2016               July 26th renoisartown 07/26/2016 

July 27th renoisartown 07/27/2016              July 28th renoisartown 07/28/2016

July 29th renoisartown 07/29/2016             July 30th renoisartown 07/30/2016

July 31st renoisartown 07/31/2016

Enjoy great cultural moments in your community!






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