How Cultural Events Impact Our Life?


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In the diversity of cultures, it is important to realize that the differences make a person or a community a unique entity.  The unique aspects of every culture create an interesting blend of characteristics, which determine the behavior of the individuals. There are many type of cultures (corporative, educational, professional, national), which create particular contexts that the participants of each culture are accustom to.  However, problems or issues can be faced, if we are not well aware of the cultural differences among groups, for this reason it is very important to incorporate our community participants and specially the kids in different cultural events, because we will be able to learn from other towns or other countries cultural exhibitions and presentations, at the same time we will be able to appreciate the differences and similarities, the recognition and learning  of cultural differences permit to have smooth relationships, which is very important to have  in business, our businesses can be very successful if we can react normal to certain stimulus. The reaction will depend on how prepared we are in terms of knowledge management of the cultural aspects.  By knowing and managing our business relationships, we can have more effective and efficient work methods that will result in conducting behaviors that are normal to the group we are working on; we can have more empathy with other individuals, and therefore we can fulfil their needs easily, this creates a great opportunity for success in any area even if we are not managing a sale business.


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The cultural events can enrich our life and when we experience certain situations we can know how to react and behave, this sensation creates a comfortable level in the knowledge management, which is important to conduct sustainable businesses.  Another relevant factor that cultural events can bring to our life is the opportunity to think, design and create new ideas. In many occasions, new ideas are not easy to develop because we are unaware of that certain activity, item or even a possibility exist.  If we do not know something, means that we ignore that an aspect or possibility exist. When we are aware that something is possible we can connect all the ideas to conduct great development.  Innovation is the key for success; in order to have innovated ideas we should have extensive knowledge and in some occasion relevant experience is also required. By experiencing different philosophies, we can have better chances to analyze and determine the possible impacts, risks and issues, therefore we would be able to have an efficient change management process that any new idea can imply. 

If our kids attend cultural events often they will be able to feel part of the movements and the expressions those events can bring, therefore when they are bigger they will feel familiar with diversity and innovation, which will be key in their career progression.  A person that have experienced different cultures would be able to have better relationships and especially better business relationships, because they will be able to understand the cultural fluctuations between one participant and to another participant. The person experiencing cultural diversity would be able to have a more balance life by recognizing and appreciating the differences worldwide. This recognition will facilitate how we can be involved in society as culture influence how we conduct work, how we behave in certain circumstances, how we use our languages, how we solve challenges, how we negotiate and in general how we manage relationships in our community. Art and cultural expressions engagements impact positively our self-acceptance, our community feeling, our creativity and potential for innovation and many more values that are relevant for the balanced life.

Encourage your kids to love art and cultural activities as well as share cultural expressions!





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