Our Life To The Rhythm Of Flamenco!

I attended the Cultural Connections presentation of “Juan Siddi Flamenco Santa Fe”, and I really liked the dance and the expressions of this nice music from Spain. The face and body expressions of the dancers illustrate the song’s story, usually the songs are about love, including the good and bad times, therefore, the dancers, use the famous flamenco “tap-dance” (zapateado). The clothing moves, and the hands and face expression to manifest happiness, sadness, and more emotions.

Flamenco 2

Sometimes, our life is missing emotional expressions, we live and experience moments, but due to the society “rules” that I call “restrictions”, we are forced to only express certain behaviors. For example, we are restricted to cry, to say what we really think, and even to show emotions.

Flemenco 1

I want to picture a world where we can strongly express all our feelings like the flamenco’s dancers do, we would be able to show our happiness at the rhythm of tap-dance, people could admire our philosophical thoughts, because they are strong like the tap-dancing, our movements in life could be very elegant, smooth but strong at the same time. Our life could be full of colors such as the flamenco’s dancers outfit. We can show our work with elegant movements such as the hands and arms movements you can appreciate in the flamenco’s dance. We could show our smile and attractive face appearance by showing the best of our experiences.

We need to live our experiences by living flamenco’s dance episodes. We must live to the compass of joy!!!!

Best Regards,



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