Creativity can take us very far!


Photo Credit

 Creativity is one of the most important capabilities we should cultivate in our life, because by using the creativity skills we can reach elevated goals that seem impossible, but only because we can demonstrate a differentiation strategy towards other options in the market, we can be able to make a difference. The difference is the number one element for innovation, if we can show a different solution we should be able to innovate. The innovation comes for our creativity when we are able to produce a different product or services to solve problems or address situations that matter to people; this is when we create a value or we offer our value in a more efficient and effective way.


Creativity help us to live our present, because we are engaged in our activities. When we have passion for some activity, we enjoy any moment that we are able to perform this activity in particular causing a particular level of engagement that usually we do not have while performing an activity that we do not like that much. For me engagement is synonymous of creativity or at least is one of the most important elements of creativity.  While performing our passion, we are not able to sleep if we cannot finish the activity, for example when I am creating photo books, I can be working on those until 3 am or 4 am, and the time just passes smooth. Photo Credit

Where we can go? we can go as far as we want……

The creativity has been part of the humans’ life since the primitive era, when humans created the first innovations, they created the tools to hunt, the first art manifestations and the first language intents. and see where we are now!!!

Innovation is key for our self-development.




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