Innovation is the path for a great success!


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In may last blog, I mentioned important details about creativity and how this skill can provide us with tools to create new things.  Innovation is the art of new creations, new alternatives to solve problems or address opportunities that matter to people.

A good strategy for innovation is to know very well the market and the customer’s needs, therefore we need to be connected with the customers to know them better, we should not only ask them about the needs, but also, we should observe them, we should listen to the feedback in any way, for example complaints or issues give us a great opportunity to know the customer’s needs. Usually customers complain more when the items or activities they matter are not complete, and not available or the quality is poor.  All the details we can compile from customers is a valuable data that we can analyze to come with ha great idea to fulfill and exceed the customers’ needs.

We can also learn from best practices in other fields, sometimes we do not see the obvious solution, because the specific methods are not usually applied in an industry, but after analysis the impact in other areas, we can think about ways to apply the same principles in our industry, maybe we will not be able to apply the final product itself, but the essence of the product or idea might work for our industry as well.

To integrate all members of your organization provides tremendous opportunity for innovation, if all members have commons goals, they can work in teams to come with a brilliant idea to solve an issue or create a new product or service. Something to remark is that innovation is not only about complicated technological artefacts that will solve problems, innovation is implied in any idea we can bring into the table that will provide a unique value to solve people’s problems that matter to them.  We do not need to reinvent the wheel, but we can come with different ideas and great solutions even for easy activities.


For example, I was analyzing the other day that if the wheel was invented very long time ago, why just recently we invented the suitcases with 2 and now with 4 wheels. There are more complicated or sophisticated invented items that are using wheels such as cars, airplanes, engines and more, so why the suitcases with wheels are in mass-production only in the last 2 decades? Maybe, we did not have a huge need for that, but now it is a basic need that we need to fulfill, or maybe innovation of something very easy is not too obvious? Maybe it was invented a long time ago, but only recently it was globalized because more customers share the same need?

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We can come with obvious ideas, that maybe no one else see it because the “obvious” factor.

Innovation can take you to successful levels.










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