Why Art?

Paris 228 v4

We need art to interact with the community and share our innovations in order to benefit the society. From the Americans for the Arts Action Fund: “the arts are essential to the proper functioning of our society. The arts continue to demonstrate their ability to provide categorical evidence of their impact on social issues that concern virtually every facet of American society. The arts are especially important for our children. Students with an arts rich education:”

  • Have better grade point averages
  • Score better on standardized tests in reading and math
  • Have lower dropout rates

The above details are part of the reason why I like this field, however I would like to share with you how and why I started loving art and in particular photography. When I was little I used to take photos using one of my aunt cameras, she allowed me to take as many photos as I can and want, by the film development was kind of expensive as you can remember that we only have max of 36 pictures rolls, and poor my aunt out of those 36 possible pictures only 5 to 7 were good considering that a 3-4 years old kid took the photos. My mom was concerned about the waste of fills, so probably my aunt would be frustrated in some point soon. Therefore, my mom always encouraged me to think about the picture before taking it, this is when photography became a passion for me “I started thinking about the picture (who will be in it, what frame I wanted in the picture, what type of composition I will use, etc), of course I did not think about those specific terms when I was that little, I learned about composition years later in a few classes at TMCC, but my mom’s lesson helped me to think about what I want in the picture before taking it.


After some time, my parents enrolled me in a few drawing contests, and I won one of them (more than 80 participants), I think I was 7 or 8 years old. At the time, I did not think too much about what I was doing and the strict society where I grew up did not help much to encourage me to the art field. I ended going to an engineering degree, where my best grade classes where industrial design, industrial process layouts, AutoCAD; very technical, but always with a tendency towards drawing. I remember, that we used to have history class where we needed to make sculptures related to an important stage of history, and my sculptures were much-admired by numerous professors who asked why I was in an engineering field instead of an art field. Well, same answers, “the society rules”, I needed to study something that would provide me with a good income. After all the specific bachelor’s degree “Industrial Engineering” was a good one for me because it offered many fields, it was not monotone as it is very extensive where I was able to take some kind of art classes. However, life continues and I always saw art in my life only as a hobby, and just recently is when I started having the feeling to move to a next stage in this field. After I finish my MBA, I have serious plans to take more classes and incorporate my experience into an area that I really like.



Photography for me is great to remember spectacular moments by looking an image, I like the idea of keeping moment suspended in time, you can think about the next move or fantasize about the story being the picture, it is an excellent opportunity to think more about who is in the picture, the composition, and why all elements were perfectly together to frame all in one small image. I like details, that I can modify to give a different perspective. Some of the above pictures are in a book I am creating named “Beautiful Structures”.

I hope you enjoyed the photos!

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The art of the fireworks!


The art of the fireworks inspires celebration, happiness, fantasy, and more great feelings that humans have associated with fireworks. Based on an online research, “the earliest documentation of fireworks dates back to 7th century China (time of the Tang Dynasty), where they were invented. The fireworks were used to accompany many festivities. It is thus a part of the culture of China and had its origin there; eventually it spread to other cultures and societies. The art and science of firework making has developed into an independent profession. In China, pyrotechnicians were respected for their knowledge of complex techniques in mounting firework displays. Chinese people originally believed that the fireworks could expel evil spirits and bring about luck and happiness.” When I read the history about fireworks, I was happy to know that in reality fireworks were invented for the same purpose they are still used, there are many innovations that were created for a different reason than the reason or purpose they are used in recent times. I am happy to know that there is a common activity, hobby or passion that different cultures use for celebration; several cultures celebrate with fireworks.


An illustration of a fireworks display from the 1628-1643 edition of the Ming Dynasty novel Jin Ping Mei.

Interesting events:

Largest firework display of all time: Svea Fireworks and Sør-Tre officially set the new world record for the most fireworks ignited during a single coordinated display, on November 29, 2014, in the small town of Søgne, Norway. Hailed as a “tribute to the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution”, the display incorporated 540,382 individual firework effects in a spectacular 90 minutes show.

Longest firework waterfall: was the ‘Niagara Falls’, which measured 3,517.23 m (11,539 ft 6 in) when ignited on August 23, 2008 at the Ariake Seas Fireworks Festival, Fukuoka, Japan.

Largest firework rocket: weighed 13.40 kg (29.5 lb) and was produced and launched by Associação Nacional de Empresas de Produtos Explosivos (Portugal) at the 12th International Symposium on Fireworks in Oporto and Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, on October 13, 2010.


This weekend we have a “big celebration” in the United States of America, we are celebrating our independence from England and the best symbol for this celebration is the fireworks show that several people in this country is contemplating on the 4th of July, this year in some places such as Sparks the fireworks display is scheduled for Sunday the 3rd of July, so the community can watch them late and continue the celebration until later, because the Monday 4th of July is an official holiday. The celebration is all around the blue, the red and while.

Fireworks facts of consume for the independence day: There are two broad types of fireworks. Consumer fireworks are those that average citizens use, and display fireworks— the kind used by professionals.

According to the American Pyrotechnics Association shows the following statistics:

  • Total amount of fireworks used: 285.3 million pounds
  • Consumer fireworks used: 260.7 million pounds
  • Display fireworks used: 24.6 million pounds

So how much money is spent on fireworks:

  • Total revenue: $1.09 billion
  • Consumer: $755 million
  • Display: $340 million

Some of the best pictures of the independence day celebration:







Another interesting fact during the independence day celebration is the big amount of hotdogs consume. The history said that the first celebration of the independence day included a lot of rum, guns shows, fireworks, beef, and of course a big party. Today the beef is symbolized by the many hotdogs people eat during the month of July and specially during the 4th of July. “There is $6.77 billion in planned spending on Fourth of July food, and it just so happens that July is National Hot Dog Month. The National Hot Dog and Sausage Council says that out of an estimated 20 billion hot dogs consumed by Americans each year, 155 million are consumed on July 4”



This fourth of July eat a lot of hotdogs, watch the fireworks in your area and celebrate!!!!

Have fun! Milweb



Love for OUR TOWN!

reno ART

Did you know that the name inspires “love for OUR TOWN”? one of the organizers mentioned that the intention of the name was to make emphasis about that Reno is “OUR TOWN”, therefore intention of the name “Artown” is that we pronounce it RENO is “OUR.. TOWN”


One of the most wonderful and entertained moments in Reno, NV – it is time for Artown! July is full of activities, which offer the opportunity to have big shows of music, dance, movies, plays, painting, photography and more. There are participants from everywhere, and with this I try to say that there are participants from all over the United States and form other countries. “Artown today is a major annual production lasting throughout the month of July. In addition to local and regional talent, internationally known artists regularly perform at Artown.” Its powerful networking permits that this event opens the opportunity to local businesses to enhance their marketing attractiveness. As a community it is good to share sacrifices, but also successes, this is what enhance our community development. Reno area is showing a good development by attracting outside markets and opening the doors to new businesses; Artwon is one of the most important events where the city new members can connect with the local community. Each year the participation is growing considerably, therefore we can find events in different places in town, we can go to the main events usually launched at the Wingfield Park part, but there are events in art galleries, restaurants, theaters, schools, colleges, universities; The University of Nevada Reno is an important sponsor of Artown.

UNR sponsor

This year brochure cover picture inspires the everyone’s participation, I can see how diversity would be the main focus, and this year program is showing a great blend of worldwide artistic and musical expositions.

This year brochure cover design

Artwon cover picture

In previous years I used to attend to at least 2 events per day during the full month, I was impacted to know that Artown extend the participation to many schools, hospitals and senior facilities. I went to an exposition to a senior facility and the art I was able to find there was amazing, the artists, who were the seniors living in the facility, were able to show and sell their art, the idea was to give them the opportunity to participate within the community events, and this caused a huge positive impact to their lives. This year due to work and school probably I will not have the chance to go to many events, but I already have my schedule ready for the shows I do not want to miss. This last Thursday I had the opportunity to attend to the 2016 opening, and they music was fantastic!

Opening night jubilee

music at artwon

The kids were in particular busy enjoying while they draw pictures in a poster:

ninos drowing at Artwon

The end of the night was amazing while listening the band “The Novelists” http://thenovelists.com/, a contemporary group that is making a good impact in this area, since that day I am following them in Twitter! I am including a few pictures of the scenography; the Artown organizers made a good job with the project they put together for the Virginia St, Bridge launch.

The novelist.jpg

puente inaguracion.jpg

las bailarinas.jpg

This month have at Artown!



My Artown.jpg




While Visiting the Rocks

Stonehenge – One of the most magnificent places I ever visited!


A few details I found online: “Stonehenge is a prehistoric monument in Wiltshire, England, 2 miles west of Amesbury and 8 miles north of Salisbury. Stonehenge’s ring of standing stones are set within earthworks in the middle of the most dense complex of Neolithic and Bronze Age monuments in England, including several hundred burial mounds.”

Well, in this blog title, I decided to use the word rock instead of stone, only because it is closer to how my mom used to call this monument. I visited England with my parents in 2011 and my dad was very interested on visiting museums in London and on walking to admire the city, my mom was interested on visiting old castles, and I only wanted to go o Stonehenge. It was very difficult to convince them to go outside the city, therefore I found a tour that took us to visit Windsor Castle, the city of Oxford and of course Stonehenge. My parents liked Stonehenge a lot, but only for 30 mins or so due to they were tired waiting for me while I was taking hundreds of pictures, I could not stop myself trying to get the best angle of each of the stones or group of stones, because each of them projects a different energy, in some point I felt like I was photographing people. The day was sunny with some clouds, considered a normal day in that area, there was not special lights coming from the stones or going to stones as many people would think due to the mystery around Stonehenge, and in some point I could feel how tourists, including y parents could say “ah the rocks are big and great” but now I want to visit a castle. My mom was calling me because we would miss the castle visit, and she continued saying “stop taking pictures of those rocks; we need photo memory for the rest of the trip, meaning castles”

I really cannot explain the glorious energy of Stonehenge, as I mentioned earlier some people only see the stones, but they do not take enough time to admire the mystery around how this prehistoric monument was built, how a group of stones can cause feelings in people. It took me some time to understand and express the feeling of peace I felt while my visit to this place. The composition of the monument with the landscaping and specially with the clouds inspired me a sensation of harmony. I could be there all day just trying to listen the environment to see if I can figure out why this magnificent monument was built. This is a place where we can evoke our most deep thoughts and feelings, where we can find our passion in life, where we can have a better picture of our dreams, where we can have clarity about where we want to go, which are our goals and how we are going to reach them. After coming home, I checked my pictures and many of them did not express my felling while I took the picture, for this reason I selected a couple of pictures and I started adding different filters in Photoshop to introduce the type of feeling I wanted to express, always “blue” was coming into my mind, and I noticed that after applying more blue color filters I was going closer to the how I picture Stonehenge in my feelings, for this reason I decided to keep this picture as it gives a contracts to clouds the ground and the monument. Regardless the reason why Stonehenge was built, throughout all the thousands of years Stonehenge has become a place to be admired.

Another picture with sepia contrast!


In the early history, Mike Parker Pearson who was the director of the Stonehenge Riverside Project (2003 to 2009) found that Stonehenge was built 500 years earlier (3500 BC) than previously thought and was built to unify the peoples of Britain. The project also found a new stone circle “Bluestonhenge”

“Stonehenge was a place of burial from its beginning to its zenith in the mid third millennium B.C. The cremation burial dating to Stonehenge’s sarsen stones phase is likely just one of many from this later period of the monument’s use and demonstrates that it was still very much a domain of the dead.”

— Mike Parker Pearson

If you are in London, I really recommend visiting Stonehenge, which is approximately 1 hour 30 mins from London.

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Kids and Art – a Promising Future! – Part 3

Familia en la Playa.jpg

My previous blog focus on the importance of having good support methods for our kids’ childhood development, we as parents can do a lot to foster our kids’ mental and physical health. This new blog is focusing on the type of artistic activities that are offered to children in the different areas. Schools, colleges, universities and private institutions offer numerous classes options. Additionally, there are governmental institutions that offer art classes. For example, in my state the government institution “Art for All Nevada” offers great programs to towards creativity capabilities development (close to 3,000 art classes and camps at 50 schools and other facilities including Lake Mansion in Reno’s Arts). There are programs for participants of all ages, but there is special focus on classes for kids. Besides the classes there are camp programs and other events to foment the artistic spirit of the community people. The “Art for All Nevada” institute has an interesting program to offer license plates with artistic designs. “In 1997, with the assistance Nevada Assemblywoman Vonne Chowning, Nevada Arts Council and VSA Nevada (Arts for All) partnered to developed the “Rich in Art” license plate to raise funds for children’s art programming in Nevada and to raise awareness of the importance of arts in Nevada for ALL.”




It is very important to find activities that can help to stimulate your kids’ creativity by encouraging curiosity. Our kids spend long periods of time watching TV, playing video games, and in internet however these activities do little to stimulate creativity; children are eager to learn and experience everything for the first time and this is when we need to foment activities outside the use of TV, video games or internet in order to help with the children creativity development. Reading together with your kids encourages the imagination and literacy skills, it is important to ask questions that would inspire your kids’ imagination such as ask how they would be ending the history, how the characters look like or how they interact. Another option to stimulate your kids creative is to have a designated area at home for creative activities, where they can have many supplies such as clay, beads, string, glue, paint, crayons, paper and play dough that would be useful to build things. Photography taken could be a great option for your kids, we can let them be the photographers of the family group and they can print and organize the pictures. I believe that my passion for photography came from when I was little one of my aunts allow me to take as many pictures I wanted. I found some old family pictures that I remember being the photographer when I was 6 to 7 years old. Other great activities to stimulates your kids’ creativity are all the cotinine activities you do at home, but that can become very fun if you integrate your kids into the activities, for example cooking together, washing the dog, doing yard work. You can also play with your kids to solve issues by using asking questions or presenting scenarios where the kids can come with ideas to solve problems, you can incorporate in the games to look for shapes in the clouds, build forts out of sticks, press flowers and collect items. Our future would be more promising if our kids develop their creativity skills.

This week, invent a new game with your kids!

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Kids and Art – a Promising Future! – Part 2



In my previous blog I remarked a few details about the importance of knowing and recognizing the stages of a normal childhood development, we as parents have a big responsibility and opportunity to support a healthy childhood development. Per the Freudian Stages model, it is remarked that if during any of the phases the kid experienced sexual frustration in relation to any of the psychosexual stages, he/she could experiment anxiety that would persist in the adult phase as a neurosis, which is a mental disorder. I want to remark that it is important for the children to experience most of the psychosexual stages in order for the individual to reflect “normal” behaviors; in general terms, behaviors can impact people’s life positively and negatively. A “normal” behavior is when the demonstration or reaction to a stimulus is not very aggressive or is not extreme towards a certain direction.  A dictionary definition shows that: “Definitions of normality vary by person, time, place, culture, and situation—they often involve value judgments and are heavily influenced by societal standards and norms. “Normal” behavior is a subjective opinion and is often only recognized relative to what is not normal (i.e., abnormal).”


The main idea of this blog is to comment about the importance of having good support methods for our kids’ childhood development, we as parents can do a lot to foster our kids’ mental and physical health. There are many educational programs and events dedicated to kids’ development, for example music and plastic arts are good tools to stimulate the development in different areas such as the child’s motor development, also they provide the kids with elements to develop trust to experiment new activities. Art is a great tool to the intrinsic and extrinsic elements of the childhood development in order to improve creativity, imagination, and different feelings towards happiness. Per Dr. Rena Upitis, Professor of Arts Education – Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario “The arts also present occasions to make the ordinary special, to enrich the quality of our lives, and to develop effective ways of expressing thoughts, knowledge, and feelings. There is also evidence of extrinsic benefits, as learning in, about, and through the arts contributes to increased engagement in learning in other subject areas, and to the development of students’ self-confidence, social skills, and metacognition.”



Please enroll your kids in different artistic and sports activities in order to provide them with better chances to fulfil all the important stages a child should experience. In the United States there are many options and programs for children of different ages, and if we have the opportunity to encourage these activities to our kinds in the early stages they have more chances to develop more skills and live a normal life.

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Kids and Art – a Promising Future! – Part 1


Kids and Art


What if we could live in our ideal world? Our ideal world starts with our dreams; while we were kids we had this idea of a perfect world with animals, games, fictitious images that reflect happiness. Can you image living in the perfect world we idealized when we were kids? Please check the following picture, it shows a good representation of the world elements, and I love the pictures because they are showing how we perceive the world while we were kids. during the growth process our perception of the world changes, but what if we could keep for a longer time the ideal world perception? We would be able to enjoy more our life, share more great moments and avoid problems. Many of the world problems are caused by raising the kids in a world made only for adults; our kids are exposed to violent episodes, to the wars and unfairness situations. Many of them do not have the opportunity to live their life “as kids”; they are forced to work in their early stages or/and they do not have the opportunity to have the appropriate education. The education can give our kids the prospect to have a better understanding of the world needs and this give the opportunity to decrease the levels of many of the world problems. We are tired of a world full of violence, unfairness, misunderstandings and many situations that cause issues mostly due to the lack of good communication. Communication is more than speaking the same language, and art give us the opportunity to communicate with others in the same level regardless the type of language that is spoke in different parts of the world.

Mundo Ideal

nina pintando.jpg

If our kids are forced to skip important stages in life, their personality development can be affected by not being able to accomplish all the important steps, and therefore their personality can show evidence of dysfunctional behaviors. Per the Freudian Stages model, the main idea is to illustrate that in order to have a balanced personality and behavioral context it is important to accomplish all the stages. Many of the issues faced in this world are associated to the lack of a good child development, which causes dissatisfaction to the individual, and in some point the individual is forced to manifest abnormal behaviors and follow drastic actions that can impact the world negatively.





A most recent theory from Erik Erikson shows how Erikson took Freud’s controversial psychosexual theory and modified it into an eight-stage psychosocial theory of development, which “focus on the resolution of different crises to become a successful, complete person”. (trust vs. mistrust, autonomy vs. shame/doubt, initiative vs. guilt, industry vs. inferiority, identity vs. role confusion, intimacy vs. isolation, generativity vs. stagnation, and integrity vs. despair). Within Erikson’s theory I would like to remark the recognition of the people need for beauty and order, this is an important factor in order to dictate balanced personality behaviors, and art is a good support for kids’ development to accomplish the stages that dictate beauty and order. “People are constantly looking for the aesthetic satisfaction in one way or another and with different levels of taste.” If we encourage more artistic activities to our children, they would have better chances to develop a more balanced personality development, which overall would permit kids to live a more balanced life.   Please encourage your kids to practice more artistic activities in order to have a promising world!

Normal Stages of Childhood Development



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Source: Boundless. “Erikson’s Stages of Psychosocial Development.” Boundless Psychology. Boundless, 26 May. 2016. Retrieved 19 Jun. 2016 from https://goo.gl/mmuucd






























Art as my “only” way of communication

When I moved to the US, my English communication skills were very limited and therefore I decided to take English classes, after one semester I felt a little more conformable with my language skills, therefore I joined a photography class, which helped me to learn technical vocabulary, but most important helped me to understand a lot of the United States cultural influence. Still 6 months are not sufficient to learn a language; I remember struggling with many conversations, and with complicated jokes that only people from this culture would understand. I felt sad for not being able to perform many activities only because I was lost in “translation” like in the 2003 movie “Lost in Translation” with Bill Murray as the star. Many of you have experienced “the lost in translation” feeling while traveling to a foreign place where you are forced to speak in another language, but sometimes it is only transitory and fun somehow. In my case, the feeling was becoming permanent, therefore I decided to follow my instinct towards art, in particular visual arts to predict or understand what specific situations were coming, I started associating visual elements to possible scenarios, trying to create a movie scene, I remember analyzing how people walk, how they dress and how their body moves in order to predict what they would say.

Lost In Translation.jpg

If I was visiting someone’s house, I enjoined looking around trying to find some kind of art to predict the main conversation that probably we would be focusing on, and since art in a house is not only painting or pictures, it is also how functional your house is; it is about how your bathrooms are organized, about the magazine you have at your coffee table, about the type of furniture you have at your kitchen and in general the overall atmosphere experienced in your house. It is a general belief that art is not a basic need and that probably you can live without art by only using essential items. However, maybe art itself cannot be considered vital to survive, but it gives us joy, so If we can know what makes people life joyful, we have a huge chance to understand the type of conversations, approaches, and desires the people would have. The diverse forms of art that we select to live with creates our atmosphere, which represents a personable world.

After sometime I was becoming expert on analyzing and predicting conversations, so I could have more control of the words I have to use or the body language I should use to have efficient conversations. Well, similar to the movie many funny things happened to me for not being able to communicate clear enough, and in some occasions I can feel the same sensation while attending complicated seminars or having very long days when work just gives me “lost in translation” situations, not necessarily due to the language, but because the situation is really complex; this is when I remember my old tactics to find art in all type of people, activities, places, buildings, landscapes, etc to create the perfect scenario that I can comfortable control and manage. After feeling so lost, now I can witness that not only my language skills improved positively, but also many skills improved as well, and in particular I want to remark thanks to the limitation of my language skills after moving to this country, I learned to have a huge appreciation for the art around people and the environment in general. I can tell you that art can help you improving several capabilities to “learn new languages”, solve problems, work in ambiguous scenarios, to predict possible outcomes, improve your management skills, mitigate possible risks, improve your analytical skills, use innovate learning techniques, and more.

Have fun this week by admiring something new you see!



Artistic And Cultural Events Enhance Our Community Development

Any activity that can offer a comfort to people would have a great development potential that eventually can be translated into a great business potential. A manifest of art can help decreasing people’s stress levels, as commented in my previous blog, with lower stress levels there are more opportunities as an individual to increase our development potential in many fields, and if we add many individuals’ development power, it will be equal to a community development. Creation of innovated items can offer opportunities to improve leadership that will reflect in creative and cultural economy: “These terms reference a variety of types of jobs, people, and industries, including the sectors of visual, performing, and literary arts, as well as applied fields like architecture, graphic design, and marketing” https://www.planning.org

We can find art in any type of activity, any type of industry and any type of community. When I moved to Reno, I witnessed the splendor of the natural art that this area’s landscape reflects. There are many surrounded areas with interesting artistic touches. At first I was not able to contemplate the artistic touch that people have added to the area, I was more excited about the artistic touch of the natural landscape; Lake Tahoe surprises me each time I visit it, because of it magnificent beauty and power that can influence your thoughts, your feelings, and your dreams. After living in this area for some time, I needed to find a few similar things that I miss from my original town (Bogota, Colombia), which is a big capital city with approximately 8 million of habitants and a big cultural and artistic influence.



Bogotá has many cultural venues including several museums, art galleries, library networks, stage theatres, sports and attraction parks, and over hundreds of national monuments. Bogota celebrates the Ibero-American Theater Festival, largest of its kind in the world, receives 2 million regional and global attendees enjoying over 450 performances across theaters and off the street. The Bogotá Philharmonic is one of the most important symphony orchestra in Latin America, with over 100 musicians and 140 performances a year. The Cristóbal Colón Theater, the country’s oldest Opera House, opened in 1892, is a national building visited by many tourists. The city offers many free events such as “Rock al Parque” or Rock at the Park, is an open air rock music festival. Recurring annually, it gathers thousands of music fans who can enjoy over 60 band performances for free during three days a year, and other recent festivals like Salsa at the Park, Hip Hop at the Park, Ballet at the Park, Opera at the Park, and Jazz at the Park.

Festival Ibero Americano de Teatro




After witnessing my home city’s economic development especially in architecture and transportation improvements, I knew that a community development comes with art; if you see an increase in art events in your city this is a great manifest of some type of community development. These type of manifests are greatly appreciated with the increase of power and participation to Reno Artown.




Artown2Artown opens the doors to regional and global multicultural artistic exhibits where we can appreciate music, dance, visual art, films, plays, and the kids can enjoy special events. The powerful networking that this event has, opens the opportunity to local businesses to enhance their marketing attractiveness. As a community it is good to share sacrifices, but also successes, this is what enhance our community development. Reno area is showing a good development by attracting outside markets and opening the doors to new businesses, and I can tell that Artwon is one of the most important events where the city new members can connect with the local community.

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Why art helps our spirit? by Mildred Webster


This a great opportunity for me to share with you my feelings about art. Art became important in my life when I was little and wanted to draw all the time. I like to translate the great images we see in our regular file as a source of inspiration into a magnificent picture that keeps the feelings stopped in time.

In some occasions, our busy life is an obstacle to develop initiatives and reach our goals, our busy life creates a cycle of frustration and stress that is difficult to see, and only after a very stressful moment, or when we reflect about our life and all the dreams that we still need to accomplish we can see that we are facing problems with stress. We can experience like a “pain”, which I call a “spirit’s pain”, because it is an internal feeling that is accompanied with the time limitation caused by our regular life activities. As any pain it is good to find a solution and preferably a quick solution; the best solution I can advise is to find a participation in an art activity, this would help releasing stress, but also it will give you the energy to rethink about ideas and goals in order to find the path to reach your dreams.

Art teaches us problem solving skills by thinking about uncommon ideas “to think outside the box”; I have tried in some occasions to contemplate an abstract picture, which is difficult to interpret and I think if it is really necessary to interpret and understand an abstract picture, my answer to this thought/question is that we should not even try to interpret the picture, but what it has come from this exercise is a fresh mind with ideas to resolve the issue I am facing; by not thinking about the problem and by looking an unconventional image, we can have magical ideas coming and coming, ideas to solve a problem that we would not consider on a regular scenario.

Art is especially good for kids’ development in many aspects such as creativity, which provides a great environment for the kids learning experience and skills. There are many practices associated with art that helps kids brain development. Besides the physical benefits that art produces, I like to remark the spiritual benefits that can come in an early age if our kids experiment art to any current benefit that will allow us alleviate us from stressful situations, which will give us the power for innovation that would put as in a path towards sustainability in all our activities, business and ideas.